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Wall and Pedestal Fans

Pedestal Icon

Wall and Pedestal fans offer better cooling
as they generate an air flow in an otherwise
stagnant area. An oscillating fan consists
of a stationery stand or body.
The larger tower fans provide coverage
over wider areas in a room or in Industrial
areas, for better cooling.

Wall and Pedestal Fans - DF Wall Mounted

These fans are made out of either mild steel, cast
aluminium or both. Various speed settings
are available which is ideal for higher
temperatures. These fans are streamlined
for optimal use and are low in noise.

Wall and Pedestal Fans - DF Unit

Suited for cooling applications such as in Homes,
Offices, Stores and Hotels. As well as cooling
down of Mineral Factories, Warehouses and
Workshops. Wall and Pedestal fans also
have a motor overheat self-protection
creating a lifelong service life.

→ How to setup a Pedestal Fan