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Centrifugal and Blower Fans

JC Series - High Pressure Blower smaller image

Centrifugal and Blower Fans are constant displacement devices
or constant Volume devices, meaning that, at a constant fan speed,
it moves a relatively continuous Volume of air rather than Pressure.
This means that the air velocity in a system is fixed even though
the mass flow rate through the fan is not. These fans
are not positive displacement devices.

11 - 62 Forward Curved Centrifugal Fan smaller image

The shape and design of the Centrifugal and Blower Fan is based
on a drum shaped and composed of a number of fan blades
mounted around a hub. The hub turns on a drive shaft
connected to a motor or a belt driven shaft. The gases
enter from the side of the fan wheel, turns 90° and
accelerates due to the Centrifugal force as it flows
over the fan blades and leaves the fan housing.

Centrifugal and Blower Vector

Centrifugal and Blower Fans are suited for conveying
non-flammable gasses, exhausted air and dust.
Widely used in smelting, furnaces, inflation,
pressurizing applications. Suitable for ventilation of
Industrial and Mineral Enterprises as well as
Restaurant and Hotel Fume extraction.

6-35-Centrifugal-Blower Fans

We have various ranges of Centrifugal and Blower
Fans available based on Volume and Pressure
requirements. Such as;
• High Pressure, Low Volume
• Medium Pressure, Medium Volume
• Low Pressure, High Volume

9-19 - High Pressure Blower Fan

Advantages of the Centrifugal and Blower Fans
consists of;
• Very low to none fluctuation in Pressure and Volume.
• Consistent air flow
• Clean air pressurization
• Non-Flammable gas conveying